Helping Others Choose Their Futures
At Future Path, we aspire to be known as the foremost provider of demand-led services that change people's lives. Through our directly delivered services, we work with unemployed adults to bring about lasting, positive change. We are very selective about what contracts we take on, to ensure that we are enabled to deliver meaningful support to directly address people’s barriers and obstacles. Our consultancy service offers a wide range of expert advice to like-minded organisations. We aspire to support ethical providers to become the best in the business, as well as campaigning to see every frontline adviser trained in Mental Health First Aid.
Future Path is a small business, with big values. A team of fifteen are committed to making lasting changes through the work that they do. The company is led by Kevin Moore, a Fellow of the Institute of Employability Professionals and a former service user himself. Kevin spends his time working across both aspects of the business, and leads on strategic stakeholder engagement. Future Path’s service contracts are overseen by the Head of Operations, Riona Athisegaran. Riona has managed providers directly, as well as being a sector-specific recruitment consultant. She line-manages all operational staff, as well as leading on any recruitment projects that we take on.
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We are proud to hold the following quality marks/statuses, that help demonstrate the quality of our work, and the way that we run our organisation.
Future   Path   came   into   being   on   8th   January   2008.   Originally   intended   to   become   a   small   employability provider,   we   soon   found   a   demand   for   our   services   in   two   main   areas;   interim   management   and   business development.   During   our   first   9   months   of   trading,   we   provided   operational   and   strategic   management services,   including   supporting   a   large   provider   through   an   Ofsted   inspection.   Concurrent   to   this,   we designed,   developed   and   wrote   bids   for   a   medium-sized   provider,   gaining   a   100%   success   rate.   The   die   had been   cast,   and   Future   Path   was   to   spend   the   next   5   years   mainly   focussing   on   supporting   providers,   rather than   becoming   one   itself.   In   that   time,   we   have   supported   the   employability   and   skills   sectors   through   a wide variety of functions, including: Bid writing Partnership building Staff recruitment and training Setting up accredited skills delivery Troubleshooting performance/compliance issues   Throughout   these   years,   we   had   always   maintained   that,   at   a   time   that’s   right   for   the   business,   we   would return   to   “Plan   A”   and   become   a   provider.   That   became   a   reality   in   2013   when   we   were   invited   by   the London   borough   of   Barnet   to   submit   a   proposal   to   deliver   a   3-month   pilot.   The   pilot,   aimed   at   supporting unemployed   people   with   poor   mental   health,   grew   and   became   MaPS ”   -   the   cornerstone   of   all   of   our delivery. Fast   forward   to   2017   and   we   now   deliver   5   services   across,   in   total,   a   quarter   of   all   London   boroughs.   We are   known   as   being   an   ethical,   demand-led   provider   that   is   passionate   about   integrating   our   service   into other,   relevant,   agencies.   Our   Coaches   work   peripatetically,   including   in   council   departments,   community venues, IAPT services and jobcentres.   We will continue to be a driving force in bringing all relevant organisations together at a local level, and delivering the “whole jigsaw”of support to our clients, to help them change their lives.
All clients accessing our services can rest assured that they are in a safe environment, and that their information is being held securely. All of our staff are BPSS checked, with Enhanced DBS checks conducted before they commence with us. We have a comprehensive data security policy, that means that we only hold what we need, and only for as long as we need it. All staff are issued with secure laptops, and every piece of data has at least two levels of security preventing unauthorised access.
Future Path Plantagenet House 4 Plantagenet Road New Barnet Herts EN5 5JQ T: 0300 302 0077 info@future-path.co.uk
We hope that everyone who comes into contact with Future Path has a positive experience. But if not, we have a complaints procedure that we will follow to ensure that your concerns are looked into thoroughly and objectively. A copy of the procedure is available here.